Last Call


REGISTRATIONS CLOSED. Sorry. Hope to see you in a future event.

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  1. Randall Preiser says:

    Interested in your training

  2. Marion Craig says:

    I would like to enrol in your course.



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  4. richard bushby says:

    I am enjoying learning from your videos in module one and will most likely enroll in module 2. I am wondering how long the videos in module two are.

    Richard Bushby

  5. ryannagy says:

    Richard – This is Ryan. Thanks for the question. Module 2 is very similar to Module 1. There are some audio introductions and commentaries and the video demonstrations. The videos are from 20 minutes to an hour. Module 2 has more “full length” length videos of demonstrations, so they tend to be a bit longer than the video in Module 1.

    I hope that helps! If you need more information, let me know?


  6. Deveeka Ronai Ronai says:

    Hello! I just register for the Module1 as I have a lot of interest in Hypnosis.
    I would like to now if (the 3 Modules) is a complete training…..
    Besides complementing with the work that I already do (Feldenkrais) would I be able to use hypnosis by itself or does it require more training??
    Thank you!

    • ryannagy says:

      Hello Deveeka – Good to see a Feldenkrais Practitioner on there. I will let Rob answer as he is the expert…

      Expect a response soon.


      • Deveeka Ronai says:

        Hi Ryan!! Yes…Thanks for posting this link on your page, this is how I discovered this site and I do LOVE hypnosis and self hypnosis……so lets see!!
        Thanks for replying and I will wait for Rob’s answer.

    • Rob McNeilly says:

      Hello! Thanks for your comment, and glad to read of your interest in hypnosis. Yes the 3rd module will complete the series. Module 1 is about the process of hypnosis, Module 2 is about the experiences in hypnosis, and Module 3 explores the clinical applications to specific areas of problems – anxiety, depression, relationships, pain, etc.
      And after completing this series you will be ready to begin to include hypnosis in your Feldenkrais work and also by itself. More training is always relevant. Erickson said towards the end of his life that he’d been using hypnosis for 50 years, and was just beginning to get the hang of it – so learning is ongoing, but starting can happen any time.
      Thanks for your question.

  7. John Millikin says:

    Hi, I have enjoyed the series so far. Is Module 3 ready for viewing? When I enter it, I get looped back to signing up for Module 2. Please advise. Thanks, John Millikin

    • Rob McNeilly says:

      Hi John. Module 3 is not quite ready yet. We are working on our free interview series and this year’s on;ine conference, and when they are published, Module 3 will be a priority. Thanks for your interest.

  8. ryannagy says:

    John – Thanks for the question. I am starting to work on getting Module 3 set up right now. Will let you know ASAP when it is done.


  9. Neville Mundy says:

    Please can you provide a date or month as to when Module 3 will be available? I want to enrol with Module 2, but am uncomfortable doing this until I know for sure that Module 3 is up and running. Thanks. Neville.

  10. Keith Bowen says:

    I am really concerned about hearing the videos.. I do have a hearing loss and use aides, but is there a written transcript for these videos by any chance? Thx…keith

  11. Barbara Shepard says:

    There is SO much out there on these topics,
    I just want to say finding this website is coming HOME!
    It is wonderful, refreshing and I haven’t even started the videos!
    Just feels Right.
    Just feels Real.
    Just Perfect!
    THANK YOU ~ Barbara Shepard

  12. Lachlan says:

    I can see some of the videos and not others
    Are they in different formats?
    I can not see module 1 video 2,3,4 or 8 while 5,6,7 work well
    I can not see module 2 video 2,3,7 while 4 and 6 work
    All the videos in module 3 work OK

    The error message “error loading stream – id not found on server” comes up in the player when the video does not load automatically and I click on the black screen with the play icon in the middle of the screen of the player.

    I have set VLC player as default – what is the file type for the video files – ?mp4?

    thank you for any assistance


  13. Lachlan says:

    Further to my difficulty with watching some of the videos as detailed above in my post…
    I have the same difficulty in both Internet Explorer 11 (latest with updates) and in up to date Google Chrome.
    On the pages that give trouble, a black screen area comes up where the video should play with JW Player in the top right hand corner. Clicking on the play icon in the middle of the screen sees the circular loading icon come up for a second or so then the error message as described above is shown.

    Could you please send me links that direct me to the video files so I can manually start them playing as the automatic calls are not all working for all – some are OK…

    thanking you in anticipation, I have enjoyed the 2 videos I have watched fully so far, Lachlan

  14. Ann L says:

    I am new to hypnosis, but I am a certified Usui Reiki master and am wondering if I can use your training with it, if I were to complete all 3 modules? Also, is there any kind of certificate for completing all 3 modules? Thank you in advance for your answers.

    • Rob McNeilly says:

      Thanks for your question, Ann. This approach to hypnosis is very coherent with Reiki, I hear from a number of people who are doing just that. And there is a certificate of completion once you have worked your way through the 3 modules. Thank you for your interest.

  15. Kristen Northrup says:

    Do we actually receive certification and is there a way to contact you other than leaving comments?

  16. Santhosh mk says:

    I’m from Tamilnadu, India.
    My doubt is, can I use these techniques in Tamil which is my mother tongue efficiently as you people do in english? Because Tamil sentence formation differs from English.
    For Instance,
    In English – subject+verb+object
    In Tamil – subject + object + verb

    Kindly clarify my doubts , any good information will be useful for me to procede further .I’m very well interested in it . thank you.

  17. Chien Hui Liu says:

    Hello, I just purchased and enrolled to the module 3 but don’t see how I can access to it. Please help, thanks!!

  18. Tom Cheng says:

    I have completed Modules 1-3. Just wonder if any of them are approved by the ASCH for certification purpose. I am at present a full member of ASCH. Thank you!

  19. Dominika Koder says:

    Hi there! Love module 1 so far, so thank you for making it available online. I was wondering, though – what’s with the “registrations closed” message when I try to enroll for modules 2 and 3? When can I expect them to be available again?

    • ryannagy says:

      Hello Dominika,

      Sorry that the modules are no longer available. Rob has moved on to doing other online events and trainings. I will ask him to post a link where you can keep up with what he is doing…


  20. Stephanie Duckworth says:

    Hi. I have taken my time to do modules 1 and 2. Have been enjoying it very much. Is there any chance I can get access to module 3 to complete my training? Thanks..and hoping!

  21. Laura Gyre says:

    I’m also curious about this…have been working on (and really enjoying) module 1 for a while, and missed last call. I was hoping to go on to modules two and three, is there any chance of signing up before the end of the year, in time to download the other modules?

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