What If Dr. Erickson Were To Say To You?


"I have a new studio near your house and I want you to come by for a hypnosis workshop. I want to share with you some of my most important hypnosis and strategic change strategies. These are the strategies that I taught to some of my best and brightest students. Students who went on to become highly influential and effective"

"But here's the thing - back then there was only room for a few people at my workshops and my work has not been as widely adopted as I had hoped. So...for a limited-time I am back, teaching hypnosis live and in person for you. Would you like to come by an experience it directly for yourself?"

What would you tell Milton if he were alive and making you that offer?

Probably the same thing that I would: Not only yes, but hell yes! When does the workshop start, how soon can we begin??

Well, we all know that Dr. Erickson's physical presence has left us. We all have to leave this planet at some time or another. But his work...and ours...lives on in many ways. And many of his students have been working with his material ever since: doing therapy, studying and using his strategies, playing with themes and ideas in them, teaching them and using them to transform their lives and the lives of others.

But as we all know, there are only so many workshops that you can teach live and so many people that you can reach personally. That is why Rob McNeilly - widely-regarded as one of Milton Erickson's most skilled students - began recording hypnosis and therapy sessions based on the work of Dr. Erickson and began releasing them to the public, doing his best to stay true to the spirit of Erickson's work but keeping the tone and phrasing modern and up-to-date and fitting with the latest we know about learning and hypnosis...

If you have ever wanted to go "in depth" with Ericksonian Hypnosis and wanted to do so in the comfort of your own home, where you can easily stop and learn and review sessions in your own time and own way...inside this website are some of the most gentle yet powerful sessions that you can do to learn and use Ericksonian Hypnosis. These are not only powerful lessons in hypnosis but powerful lessons for life transformation.

As a recent student of this course recently said,

What I noticed was the brilliance of this! Completely blows me away. We all do know how to be successful and this simple wisdom of finding the resources we need in experiences we already enjoy and transferring those to experiences we consider problematic..... well, it is So Simple! and that is where it is BRILLIANT! Fabulous Stuff Here! LOVE IT ~ B Shepard

And best of all, you can get these hypnosis lessons now and start using them immediately. No need to purchase a plane ticket and travel across the country, paying for hotels, meals and workshop fees. Just log in, grab some headsets and start learning in the comfort of your own home, office or studio...

And for the first time in nearly two years (and maybe the last) you can get this incredible online hypnosis course at a crazy discount.

Here is a small sample of what you will learn to do in this course after you register and begin using it....

Module 1: Invite ANYONE Into Hypnosis

You will explore, learn and use, beautifully simple methods of inviting anyone into the experience of hypnosis and to connect with their unique resources in a dependably reliable way.

You will be learning from Rob McNeilly who studied directly with Milton Erickson. highly experienced Ericksonian with over 30 years clinical experience and over 20 years of international teaching experience in the U.S., Europe and Australia.

I had the rare privilege of learning with Erickson and experienced first hand some of his vast complexity. I have made my own translation, simplifying much of the complexity to create a solid foundation for you to practice hypnosis successfully and to have the continuing joy of being part of a growing number of people who are developing their own complexities and style.

Hypnotically Connect Your Clients To Their Resources

Generate ways of softening rigidities that keep your clients stuck, and help them (and you!) generate unique flexibilities in experience to change. This hypnosis training will contribute to your ability to help your clients with a mood of respect and safety so that whatever your level of experience, you can find our own individual version of this method and apply it to your work readily and immediately.

Module 2: Hypnotic Phenomena

Module 2 is all about understanding, experimenting and utilizing all the various hypnotic phenomena. Take the next gentle steps in your learning. Module 2 includes audio and links to the videos on:

- dealing with and utilizing dissociation

- age regression

- working with amnesia (forgetting and remembering)

- using hypnosis with groups

- self-hypnosis

- reducing pain and suffering

Module 3: Clinical Applications and Case Studies

One of the best ways to deepen your hypnotic skills is to see it in action. In this module Rob will not only give you cutting edge information and tips based on his 30+ years of successful clinical work but also SHOW you through client demonstrations, how to implement the hypnotic interventions that you have begun to learn in Modules 1 and 2. Each of the lessons in module 3 has an audio intro (sometimes two) and at least one video case study of Rob working with a client and putting hypnosis into practice.

You will learn about and see clinical case examples of:

- working with anxiety (or "fear of future loss" as Rob calls it)

- working with people who feel depressed

- healing and helping people get over various types of extreme and every day trauma

- reducing and elminating short term and chronic pain

- weight management and loss

- sex and couples counseling. (including a full couples counseling session).

Expand your clinical and hypnosis skill set! And continue getting more and more comfortable using hypnosis!

$149 For ALL Modules: 1,2 and 3

Safe Shopping Guaranteed

100% Guarantee

We stand behind what we create and sell and offer an UNCONDITIONAL refund policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your download, for any reason, contact us for a full-refund.

Security of Your Purchase and Data

You can use either a major credit card or Paypal to complete your purchase. Your information is encrypted using state-of-the-art Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect your information from interception and hacking. No one has access to your Credit Card number or other financial information except Paypal.

Instant Access!
These hypnosis audio files are compatible with all music players and computer operating systems.

An email with accesss and download instructions is sent within seconds of your purchase. If you have any problems, we are here to help: [email protected]

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a survey and a favor …

Could you spare a few minutes to complete this survey?

I'm interested in the idea that learning can happen by direct experience which can be absorbed organically rather than having to listen to or read someone's ideas and then translate them to your own understanding.

I have published a series of eBooks with this in mand, and would appreciate your thoughts about the relevance of a variety of topics.

This survey will only take a minute or 2 and will make a difference to how this process evolves.

Thank you in advance.


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Bill O’Hanlon & I go way back

We both studied directly with Milton Erickson in the 1970s, and we have become good friends and colleagues since then.

We support each other in our efforts to spread the word and enthusiasm about Dr. Erickson’s approaches, since they were so valuable and transformative in our personal and professional lives.

I have emailed you recently about Bill’s new online course teaching Ericksonian Hypnosis and wanted to send you this quick reminder that the course is starting soon, so registration is closing in a few days.

If you think this might be for you, you may want to go listen to what Bill has to say about it and read his offer here.

Yours in possibilities,

Rob McNeilly

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another free gift

Would you like another free gift? If you log into my blog at robmcneilly.com and leave your name and email address, you will receive a free copy of my first book - Healing with Words - and receive regular notifications of instructive and useful posts from a wide variety of world experts.

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a 10 minute self hypnosis session for you


Here's a 10 minute self hypnosis session for you. Please leave a comment below about your experience. There is a transcript also if that would be useful for you.

If you would like to receive further resources, simply enter your name and email on the top righthand corner of this blog, and it will be our pleasure to send them to you as they happen.

Here's the session ...

And here's the transcript ...

Don't forget to register for further resources from us.


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Hypnosis Course Still Going Strong…

We have not been updating the hypnosis blog too much these days, but the course is still going strong. Last week we hit a milestone and had our 1000th person enroll! And the enrollments are still coming in. We get about 10 to 50 people registering every week. We may be opening up Module 3 to enrollment soon. We will keep you posted.

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Free Ericksonian Hypnosis Interview Series With Rob McNeilly

Are you interested in adding to your therapeutic effectiveness?

Have you been curious about how Ericksonian hypnosis can contribute dramatically your therapy and coaching sessions?

Would you like to learn about the specific ways that The Ericksonian Approach can radically enhance your work?

Join us for 8 free weekly interviews with world leaders in this field including Jeffrey Zeig, Michael Yapko, Stephen Gilligan, Bill O’Hanlon, Camillo Loriedo, Eric Greenleaf, Douglas Flemons and Roxanna Erickson Klein. Starting June 15th.

Some of the interviews are audio, some are video and all can be highly impactful in your life and practice. Join Rob, one of Milton Erickson's students as he interviews some of the most infuential Ericksonians in the world: Jeffrey Zeig, Michael Yapko, Stephen Gilligan, Bill O'Hanlon, Camillo Loriedo, Eric Greenleaf, Douglas Flemons and Roxanna Erickson Klein.

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Stephen Gilligan Interview with Rob McNeilly

Welcome! Here we have the first of Rob McNeilly's free interviews with students of Milton Erickson and others who engage in Ericksonian Hypnosis and related therapeutic modalities. Rob's first interview is Dr. Stephen Gilligan who not only talks about Milton Erickson but about his own work called, amongst other things, "Generative Trance."

Rob's interview with Steve is over an hour long and covers a wide range of topics including Dr. Gilligan's relationship to Erickson and his background with Gregory Bateson, Richard Bandler, John Grinder and others. And, of course, Steve talks about his own unique ideas and contributions to the field of therapy. Every year Steve does a "Trance Camp" where you can study with him directly. Find out more on his website: Stephen Gilligan.

We hope you enjoy this interview and will sign-up below for notification of the other interviews as they become available and for free mp3 downloads and other materials related to hypnosis and brief therapy.

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Milton Erickson Hypnosis Training: Module Two Available Now.

Have you already taken the free hypnosis training online with Rob McNeilly? If you have enjoyed that training or are simply ready to learn some advanced techniques in Ericksonian Hypnosis, we invite you to Module 2 of Rob's course. It is called, "Hypnotic Experiences." In it you will learn:

- dealing with and utilizing dissociation

- age regression

- working with amnesia (forgetting and remembering)

- using hypnosis with groups

- self-hypnosis

- reducing pain and suffering

The topics include short audio lectures to introduce you the material and video demonstrations so that you can see the strategies in action. When we have our "official" launch of the course later this year, it will cost about $95 or $99. However, you can get in now at a discount - only $69 for EVERYTHING, including the ability to download copies of all the materials and use the for your personal learning

Leave a comment if you have a question?

Enroll Now: Erickson Hypnosis Training Online.

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Free Introductory Hypnosis Course is Ready. Join Now

Our introductory course in Ericksonian Hypnosis is ready. The course includes free mp3s, and video downloads of Rob McNeilly using and teaching the elements of an Ericksonian approach. Ready to give it a go? Enroll now, it only takes a moment. No credit card or other financial information is needed:

Free Registration for the Ericksonian Hypnosis Course.

Or if you need more information about the course, please go to the home page: Milton Erickson Hypnosis.

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